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Sub-Specialty Research Profiles

Discover more about the research activities of our medical sub-specialties.


Examples of research focus: diagnosis of heart disease in high risk patients; atrial arrythmias and sudden cardiac death; the effects of smoking on the heart; and novel treatments, such as gene and stem cell therapies.
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Clinical Pharmacology

Examples of research focus: human pharmacology of nicotine with an emphasis on nicotine addiction, the role of nicotine in controlling cigarette smoking, the pathways and genetics of nicotine metabolism, phamacogenetics of nicotine addiction treatment, and racial/ethnic differences in nicotine pharmacology and addiction.
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Examples of research focus: diseases of the biliary system; liver transplantation; diseases caused by obesity; bowel motility disorders.
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General Internal Medicine

Examples of research focus: nationwide study of hospitalist and physician practices; the effect of ethnicity on cancer screening; the safety of medical care; risk reduction; cognition in aging.
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Examples of research focus: the course and outcomes of dementia; drug therapy and polypharmacy; health disparities in the care of older persons; the biology of aging.
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Examples of research focus: Renal cell carcinoma; breast oncology; hemostasis and thrombosis; Kaposi's sarcoma.
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Examples of research focus: new drugs to directly treat HIV and new drugs to treat hepatitis C, studies to understand the barriers and path to an HIV cure, interventions to promote HIV testing and engage and retain patients in care, effect of food insecurity on HIV outcomes, HIV and lung disease, and HIV and aging.
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Hospital Medicine

Examples of research focus: excellence in teaching; improving systems of care; end-of-life care; medical errors and patient safety; national trends in medication use.
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Infectious Diseases

Examples of research focus: drug development; host-pathogen interactions; mechanisms of autoimmunity; AIDS education and training.
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Examples of research focus: water and electrolyte transport; novel immunosuppressive medications for kidney transplantation; mechanisms for kidney disease progression; epidemiology of acute, chronic and end-stage renal disease; biomarkers in kidney disease; hypertension and salt sensitivity; novel acute and chronic dialysis modalities; nutrition in renal failure.
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Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Examples of research focus: occupational health gradients in hospital workers; medical surveillance of former Department of Energy workers at the Nevada test site.
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Prevention Science

Examples of research focus: risk behavior and reduction; epidemiology of the virus; evaluation of testing procedures; demographic variables and sexual self-identification; training for providers who care for HIV/AIDS patients.
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Pulmonary & Critical Care

Examples of research focus: HIV-related pulmonary disease; ethnicity-specific genetic risk factors for asthma; tuberculosis; lung transplantation; cystic fibrosis.
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Examples of research focus: genetic determinants of ankylosing spondylitis; disease analysis of lupus; disability in valued life activities in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
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