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Read stories and profiles of Department of Medicine alumni from the Department's newsletter, Frontiers of Medicine.

Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann: Bringing Her ‘A-Game’ Issue 19, Fall 2014

Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, jokes that her residency application to UCSF felt like a long shot. A 1982 graduate of University of Nevada, Reno's fledgling medical school, she says it was a "very positive surprise" to be accepted to UCSF. On the first day of residency, another state school alumnus – Nicholas Hellmann, MD, who had attended the University of ... » Read More

Dr. Charles Sawyers: Targeting Cancer Genes Issue 16, Fall 2013

My role as a physician-scientist is not just to publish another paper and move on to the next project," says Charles Sawyers, MD, chair of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program. "If you really believe your data, you should push it forward into the clinic." Sawyers has used this approach to revolutionize the treatment ... » Read More

Dr. Mark D. Smith: Catalyst for Change Issue 15, Fall 2012

The core challenge of philanthropy is: how do you take an amount of money that is trivial compared to the scope of the problems, and make a difference?" says Mark D. Smith, MD, MBA, president and chief executive officer of the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF). His foundation’s mission is to work as a catalyst to fulfill the promise of better ... » Read More

Dr. Steve Harr: Investing in Success Issue 14, Spring 2012

"Health care is 18 percent of our economy, it’s extraordinarily complex, and it’s very difficult for most people to understand,” says former UCSF resident Steve Harr, MD, who is a managing director and now leads Morgan Stanley’s global biotech investment banking business. “When you have the opportunity to train at UCSF, you gain a really unique skill set that ... » Read More

Dr. Elliott Sigal: Patient-Centered Discovery Issue 13, Fall 2011

Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD, vividly remembers the first patient he admitted to the hospital as a UCSF intern in 1981. “In retrospect, he was a young man with HIV/AIDS,” says Sigal. “It was before AIDS had a name, before we knew it was a virus. Yet it was clear to us that we were somehow witnessing medical history. We were all waiting for the response of the modern ... » Read More

Dr. Mitchell Katz: Steering the Wheels of ChangeIssue 12, Spring 2011

I live to make health systems better, especially for vulnerable populations,” says Mitchell Katz, MD. After 13 years as the director of health for the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), Katz became Los Angeles County’s health director in January. After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1986, Katz came to UCSF for his residency ... » Read More

Dr. Carol Mangione: Long-Lasting Connections Issue 11, Fall 2010

"For me, UCSF was all about the people," says Carol Mangione, MD, MSPH. “The faculty members cared a lot about us, and were extraordinary clinicians and teachers.” Mangione completed medical school and residency at UCSF, and is now professor of medicine and health services at UCLA, where she holds the Barbara A. Levey, MD and Gerald ... » Read More

Dr. Gregory Fitz: Eternal Student Becomes Medical School Dean Issue 10, Spring 2010

The ability of UCSF to take talented people and point them in the right direction is one of its greatest strengths,” says J. Gregory Fitz, MD, who was recently appointed dean of the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern School of Medicine. Fitz arrived at UCSF in 1979 as an internal medicine intern, and went on to become a gastroenterology fellow ... » Read More

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